Thursday, 23 April 2009

Another blog! Fresh start................

April 23rd 2009 Stratford upon Avon.
We set off this morning to glorious sunshine, blue skies and yellow splashes of fields of rapeseed in flower. A real springlike smell in the air, fresh and sparkling.
Matt's day, yes, and one he would've enjoyed. Also our favourite playwright, William Shakespeare's birthday.
Flowers in bloom, cherry blossom overhanging the edges of the road at times, and the nice sensation of warmth. We could walk around the town without coats.

After a nice lunch in Café Rouge, we went to the Courtyard Theatre and picked up a Sonnet Sleuth scavenger hunt booklet and proceeded to enjoy finding the clues in various historic places around the bard's own town.
Each clue was matched to one of his sonnets, (not ALL the sonnets of course!). It took us awhile but we had a very interesting afternoon as a result and visited many historic sites in the process. The Scavenger hunt was launched today, and we met other people wandering round the same direction each with their booklets. A very relaxing day out and a lovely way to remember Matt, who also liked Shakespeare and especially Henry V !!

So, if ever you are in Stratford try it, it's fun.

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