Friday, 15 April 2011

April 2011. The time of the cherry blossom, once more

This year the cherry trees are in bloom earlier than usual, and are looking absolutely stunning. The blossom has not been
subjected to torrential rain nor strong winds.
March was so dry that as I was driving along the road to Lichfield this morning to collect our moggy, Tiger, from "Posh Paws" cattery, the van in front sent the dust at the side of the road swirling in a cloud.
I have had to water the garden since I returned home from a couple of days in Lancashire.
Other trees in bloom have looked stunning, particularly the magnolias.

I always look for signs of spring after the winter, and watch the horse
chestnut buds swell and grow fat and sticky, the bulbs beginning to peep out from the earth. The birds will begin to sing, even when the early spring days are cold, wet and sometimes blanketed in snow.

We have had some lovely days recently, warm sunshine, blue skies and longer hours of daylight. The robin and blackbird are in full throttle, and I have heard the chiffchaff, who has returned to our shores from his winter sojourn.
Bluebells are now carpeting the verges and so we step into the new season which has arrived, as it always does, almost by stealth!
Easter is very late this year.
Easter Saturday coinciding with St George's Day, and Matt's birthday. He would have been 35 this month.
So, at the top of this piece, is a photo of his favourite cherry tree, across the road from the house, and another one has also appeared. It is a white flowering variety.This one was planted in the school grounds in his memory, and we look out at them both this year, looking particularly

And all is now well in moggy world! He has been exploring all his territory this morning and now retired for a sleep!
Bit like his owner feels!

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